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Continuing Education

Pacific Rim College is pleased to offer some of the most unique continuing education programs in natural health available anywhere. Below is a list of multi-week courses, most of which are offered several times yearly. If you are interested in shorter duration educational opportunities and events, please visit our Workshops page.

To register for any course, please contact the Registrar at 250.483.2119 or

Multi-Week Courses – 2018

Natural Building (NBT101A)
Instructors: Stephanie Enevoldsen and Bryce Ehrecke
Length: 84 hours/5.5 credits
Dates: April 24, 30, May 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 28, 29, June 4, 5, 6 (all 9am-5pm)
Location: Central Saanich (either Ravenhill Herb Farm or Tiny Tree Herb Farm) 
Tuition: $1,237.50
This course introduces students to various natural building techniques, with a focus on cob earthen structures. Topics covered include pre-colonial natural building, landscape observations, ecological and passive solar design, foundations, woodworking, cob building and sculpting, finishing plaster techniques, roofs and garden structures (such as trellises and garden beds). Students participate in developing hands-on skills in foundation building, cob construction, woodworking, and natural plastering. In this course students have hands-on exposure to various natural building techniques, learn benefits/drawbacks on the various natural building techniques, gain experience in hands-on building of small earthen structures, have the opportunity to see projects from start to finish, and learn to make basic garden structures.



Intro to Biochemistry (BMS103)
Instructors: Bryn Elliot
Length: 45 hours/3 credits
Dates: Mondays/Wednesdays, April 30-June 18 (all 12-3pm)
Location: Pacific Rim College 
Tuition: $450 
Biochemistry is the science that applies chemistry to the study of living organisms and the structures that comprise living organisms. This course examines the chemical interactions within living cells that are essential for sustaining life. Basic principles of organic and cellular chemistry are introduced. Students become familiar with the structures, functions and properties of molecules involved in the fundamental processes of life.

Botany/Horticulture (BMS113)
Instructors: Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed
Length: 45 hours/3 credits
Dates: Mondays/Wednesdays, June 20-August 20 (all 8:15 to 11:15am)
Location: Pacific Rim College 
Tuition: $450 
This class provides an introduction to the structure, function and diversity of flowering plants: how they grow, how their parts are interconnected, how groups of plants are related and how they adapt to and interact with their environment. Students learn how to identify plants through the use of field guides and field trips. Basic plant propagation techniques are discussed, including soils and plant nutritional requirements, with a view towards sustainable practices. Students experiment with seed and vegetative propagation of herbaceous plants and explore some plant-human relationships such as agriculture and conservation.

Foundations of Holistic Nutrition (NU101)
Instructors: Amber Baker
Length: 45 hours/3 credits
Dates: Thursdays/Fridays, June 20-August 20 (all 3:30-6:30pm)
Location: Pacific Rim College 
Tuition: $450 
This course introduces students to the exciting world of whole foods nutrition and food as medicine. Students explore the attributes of foods and their properties in order to understand what to favour and to avoid in the presence of various pathological syndromes. Students also learn the role digestion plays in nutrition. Dietary philosophies from major medicinal lineages are discussed, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. This course begins to build the framework and theory of food as treatment. This course is recommended for students in their first year of studies.

Practical Herbal Pharmacy (WHS111)
Instructors: Krista Poulton
Length: 45 hours/3 credits
Dates: Wednesdays/Fridays, May 2-June 20 (all 12-3pm)
Location: Pacific Rim College 
Tuition: $500 
This practical course provides students with an education in the preparation of various herbal products that are required to be effective in the dispensary. The products that are made include Infusions, Tinctures, Syrups, Capsules, Flower Essences, Infused Oils, Herbal Baths, Liniments, Poultices, Fomentations, Salves, Balms and Creams. Each class focuses on one particular product and instructions is given about the use and effectiveness of each preparation. Students take home the products that they make in this class to use and experience themselves. Students are required to complete a practical presentation in class on a product of the student’s choice. This is an ideal class for anyone interested in making their own herbal remedies!